Thriving in the Tech Industry: A Guide to how Career Coaching and Corporate Leadership Coaching can help you

Roles in the tech industry can be very attractive – the pay is generally higher than other industries and there is the promise of working in new technology and developing new ideas. Whether you’re a seasoned product manager or just starting your job search, success in this industry requires technical expertise and crucial emotional intelligence skills.

We work with clients in product management, software development, sales enablement, and many other roles that are uniquely titled for technology companies. Sometimes clients are a bit confused about how their skills in other industries map over to tech careers. We help to align what it might mean to be a Project Manager in one industry to similar roles in tech.

Product Management: The Heart of Innovation

For example, we get asked a lot about Product Manager roles. Product management plays a crucial role in translating creative ideas into tangible solutions. As a product manager, your job isn’t only about understanding technology but also about shaping visions and leading teams towards common goals. This is done primarily through standard Project Management approaches – aligning team resources, scheduling, managing when things are done, and passing information though progress reports to leaders and senior leaders.

Career Coaching to understand how to translate your skills and experience

As career coaches, we want to land a job that aligns with your skills and experience. Feeling passionate about your work is also a goal, but let’s face it, work is called “work” for a reason and not everything that is needed in an enterprise is also fun or fulfilling. If you hire a professional career coach, we’ll provide guidance tailored to your unique needs, helping you to explore new paths and opportunities within the tech industry (and maybe it will also align with your mission to make the world better).

Corporate Leadership Coaching: Enhance Your Skills

Leadership coaching is vital for both aspiring leaders and seasoned executives. This type of coaching builds vital skills like decision-making and collaboration. Whether it’s coaching executive team members or others, leadership training equips you to inspire and guide others effectively. Our coaches are working as Corporate Leadership Coaches in many major companies, including Google, Amazon, Meta, and more, and we all have a contemporary perspective on hiring, company culture, and other factors that impact career development and how best to interview at a new company. We want you to thrive in your job and career, focus on continuous learning, and stay adaptable.

Level up with resumes that are Recruiter Ready

Whether you’re aiming for an executive level position or just starting, a well-crafted level resume can make a huge difference. Our whole philosophy is that the first (and most crucial) hiring decision when applying online happens with the Recruiter. If they don’t say yes, you can’t get hired. Now, if you have a network or an inside connection that can help a lot. Ultimately, your resume still goes to a recruiter, if only to set up initial interviews and you still have to demonstrate you are the right candidate with the right skills.

Interview Coaching – what you need to know

Behavior based interview coaching can prepare you for those crucial conversations with potential employers. Practice, feedback, and expert insights will empower you to present yourself with confidence. When you work with us, we give you tons of practice interviewing. We believe that interviewing is really Storytelling, and that a question that starts with “Tell me about a time when…” is about what actually happened and not the time to tell a hypothetical or abstracted explanation of how you might go about doing something. Interviewers are trying to sort out how you will be when you work with them. We coach you around how to tell a great story that helps you to show up with authenticity.

Let’s work on coaching to make the most of your career advancement together

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