Career Coaching and Leadership Coaching Topics

What will we work on? The choice is yours. Coaching is a great way to get your life moving forward. Maybe you came here because of a problem, setback, or simply feeling stuck. We all experience these circumstances and want to find a path for something new to happen. Here are some coaching topics that are popular with my clients. Of course, we can explore any topic you’d like to bring, and we aren’t limited to just this list. I work in Seattle, SF, and Southern California and use video calls to meet anywhere. Clients join me from all across the U.S., Canada, and other English-speaking countries around the world for video career coaching and leadership coaching.

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Career Coaching for Job Search – Planned or Unplanned Career Transition

Between jobs or looking to make a leap? We keep up with the latest hiring trends, so you don’t have to. Having worked with hundreds of job seekers all across the U.S. and Canada (as well as Europe and Singapore), we have years of experience on how to best position yourself with corporate recruiters using our Recruiter Ready methodology. Our team specializes in tech careers, yet these approaches have made a difference for job seekers in retail, administrative, finance, legal, and healthcare. If an organization has a professional recruiting staff, we will help you with the keys to unlocking the job you want.

  • We’ll remake your resume to align with Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Update your LinkedIn presence
  • Share best practices on your job search
  • Create cover letters and recruiter pitches for LinkedIn
  • Develop your interviewing and networking point of view
  • Behavior-based interviewing practice and skill-building with a professional performance coach
  • Proven salary negotiation techniques that allow you to drive a bargain without upsetting any of the parties involved

Who’s it for? Professionals of all backgrounds who want to master job-seeking in today’s hiring environment. If you haven’t looked for a job in a while, you might be surprised how many new, hidden steps are in the process. We help people get jobs every day, even in tough markets, and have the up-to-the minute intel on the job market, how to get noticed, navigate the process, and land the job.

Here’s the career services you’ll get:
  1. Pre-Kickoff – We start the Resume Refactor and LinkedIn Feedback (and we’ll write a draft About section for your LinkedIn, too)
  2. A Series of Seven One-Hour Zoom Meetings covering a Unified Job Seeking Approach: Resume Development and revisions, including using Jobscan to maximize your resume content, Job Search, Job Tracking, Cover Letters, Recruiter Correspondence, Interview Prep, and Interviewing Mindset, and whatever is showing up for you around the job seeking process. This gets us moving quickly. You can always bring your own questions and concerns to every meeting, and we’ll address them. The first two meetings are weekly, then we agree on the right pace for you.
  3. Up to six 30-minute bi-weekly Zoom meetings to answer questions, check-in, keep us accountable, and address whatever might be happening in your particular search. This gets us to four months – if we need to keep going, then we’ll schedule four more check-ins (existing clients always get priority).
  4. Whenever a job opportunity starts to “get real,” you will be able to schedule special 30-minute meetings for interview prep, post-interview download, negotiation tactics, salaries, etc.
As you can see from the list, our focus will be to get your ‘marketing’ in order, then address things that emerge, like specific interviewing prep, post-interview review, and discussing the details of job offers and/or negotiation tactics. In every case, you have my guarantee that we are 100% committed to whatever it is that you want, and all of us at CTG are your allies in helping you achieve that goal. We work together until you accept a new position, you decide to stop looking for some other reason, or we have worked together for one year. Though finding a new role can be affected by many things (including the macro-economic factors that impact business hiring), until recently, most secure a new role more quickly with support of a career coach. $1289 Flat Fee Package. We are here to partner with you in your job search.
What’s it like to work on Career Transition with me? Check out this video webinar on Resume Optimization I did with Jobscan on YouTube.

What’s Next In My Career, Career Shift, or Changing Industries?

Not sure what you next act might be?  We all suffer from “The Drift” – a career that has evolved naturally along the lines of the opportunities where we said “yes.” That first break in your current field may have defined the types of jobs you’ve been able to get for your whole professional life. If you’re ready to take charge of your career and assess your skills and experience, you could choose your next role rather than going after the same sorts of jobs you’ve pursued in the past. We’ll take stock of where you are, what you want to do, and what steps to take to go after a role you are qualified for and really want. Some clients like to do a few session before signing on for a Career Transition Package. Consider it an exploration of your Career Trajectory.

Coaching sessions with unlimited email support. Sessions will be conducted by video chat or telephone. Per Session: $225

“Tim was instrumental in helping me gain solid ground and ultimately land an excellent high paying job when I was going through career transition. Tim’s ability to genuinely and attentively listen gained my trust instantly. Through precision questioning Tim was able to assess my current career situation and future aspirations. We built an actionable road map that I could follow through for success. Tim provided guidance in the form of actionable ToDo’s while saying little but sharing a lot – a skill I value. I am grateful our paths crossed as Tim’s guidance was both timely (in that it helped me to score a great job) as well as timeless. I keep using Tim’s advice effectively even though it’s been more than a year since our last session.”

A.L., Principal Technical Program Manager


ICF Professional Certified Coach


Conscious Business Coach Seattle SF

How To Manage Remote Workers Successfully

Challenged as a Remote Manager?  Dropping by a team member’s desk to talk things over or see what they are working on is not possible when you are managing remote employees. We address the communication and leadership challenges that come with running your high-performing virtual team. It’s possible to be an effective remote manager (and work remotely successfully) through the development of remote management best practices, useful mindsets, and a clear point of view around accountability that starts with you and carries through to your team.

Four or six coaching sessions with unlimited email support. Sessions will be conducted by video chat or telephone, or in the Seattle or SF Bay Area some sessions may be scheduled in person. Per Session: $225

Developing Managerial Presence and New Manager Coaching

Have you’ve been promoted and looking to develop your confidence and skills?  Many people are successful leaders who stay true to their values and individuality. Learn how to show up in your own powerful, professional way. I’ve worked with dozens of new managers and experienced managers to help work through common and unique challenges of the role.

Four or six coaching sessions with unlimited email support. Sessions will be conducted by video chat or telephone, or in the Seattle or SF Bay Area some sessions may be scheduled in person. Per Session: $225

No More Frustrating Conversations

Do you feel like conversations don’t turn out the way you expected? We’ll work together to discover what “having a conversation” means to you. We look at where and when communication frustration appears and help you develop skills to connect effectively with others. This type of coaching series includes “Core Communication” – an approach for talking through topics that might have seemed impossible to approach in the past and mindful awareness about what is getting conveyed to others. We come from the point of view that “the meaning of the communication is the response that you get.” Communicating from the right mindset can revolutionize your relationships.

Four coaching sessions over eight weeks with unlimited email support. Sessions will be conducted by video chat or telephone, or in the Seattle or SF Bay Area some sessions may be scheduled in person. Per Session: $225

Managing Emotions at Work through Emotional Transparency

Feel awkward with emotions at work or afraid of having conversations around emotionally-charged or sensitive topics? Get a handle on how to show up for others as a professional who can speak to the real emotions in the room (without fear of triggering an emotional blow-out). Using my tried and tested “Core Communication” methodology, you’ll have access to a learnable approach that creates room to discuss the tough stuff like performance issues and interpersonal breakdowns. You’ll also master the art of delivering heartfelt praise in a way that resonates with managers, peers, and direct reports.

Four coaching sessions over eight weeks with unlimited email support. Sessions will be conducted by video chat or telephone, or in the Seattle or SF Bay Area some sessions may be scheduled in person. Per Session: $225

Stop Turning People Off

Do you seem to accidentally peeve people off? It can be frustrating when people don’t want to hang out with us or worse, seem to be openly avoiding conversations. I will be authentic about how you show up in the eyes and ears of other people. Nothing to be fixed – you can learn to be with people in a conscious, mindful way. You’ll get some tools and points of view that will change how you relate to others.

Four coaching sessions over eight weeks with unlimited email support. Sessions will be conducted by video chat or telephone, or in the Seattle or SF Bay Area some sessions may be scheduled in person. Per Session: $225

Startup Company Culture Development

Is your startup having conflicts among the founders and/or other key employees? Maybe you’d like to minimize potential conflicts?

You went into business with your fellow founders to create a company that is successful. Don’t let emotions or communication issues between founders threaten the future of your company. It’s possible to create a culture of meaningful, authentic communication. When you compare the cost of losing a founder to the cost of bringing on a coach the math seems pretty easy. I’ll work with the whole Founding team to help you build communication skills that work and last. Experience with pre-revenue and early funding companies (from Seed through A round) and mature tech companies.

Custom Retainer Packages – Example program: Twice-monthly sessions for up to five founders with quarterly group meetings and scheduled on-site visits for coaching. Sessions will be conducted by video chat or telephone, or if in San Francisco downtown some sessions may be scheduled in person. Starting at $225/hour per founder.* Special companywide coaching packages for companies of 10 or less. 

*Every startup has different needs, we create the right program. If necessary, travel expenses negotiated and billed separately.

Developing A Career Path as a Professional Coach and Mentor Coaching

Love coaching and looking for pathways to make it a full time career? I have made executive coaching my full-time job. I can help you:

  • Develop methods for accelerating the ICF certification process
  • How to attract clients
  • Build your coaching experience
  • Create income streams
  • Fulfill your ICF coaching hours

I have tactical information that will get you out in the world making a difference as a coach while pointing out potential pitfalls that we all want to avoid. Important note: As a PCC, I can offer this to coaches in ICF training as ICF Mentor Coaching, if desired.

Meet with me to discuss what is on your mind – practical business challenges, explorations on coaching as a career, or wherever you’d like to work. Sessions will be conducted in person in Seattle; by video chat or telephone in any other location. In the SF Bay Area? Some sessions may be scheduled in person. $175/Session (save $50/session) Must be in ICF training or ICF certified. 

LGBTQ Aware Coaching

I am here to be with you the way you are.

“Tim is a strong coach. Whether by phone or in person, Tim asks insightful questions, which allow you drill down into the tricky issues, pull them apart to see them from several new angles, and figure out the next steps that are the right fit for you.

Tim is really good at paying attention not just to what you say, but how you say it, to help uncover hidden assumptions about a challenge that you’re facing, which then allows you to take a different approach. He does all of this with a great sense of humor. I always leave coaching sessions with a renewed sense of what’s possible.” – Angela Knox, SVP of Engineering, Cloudmark