Hi, I’m Tim, Lead Executive Coach at Coaching Technology Group. Coaching Technology Group offers Executive Coaching and Career Consulting worldwide from offices in Seattle, San Francisco, and greater Los Angeles to serve leaders and individuals looking for more satisfaction and effectiveness. I believe everyone has the capacity to create a more intentional life than they are currently living.

As a Career Consultant, I am focused on helping you find the right job  through resume targeting, LinkedIn tune-ups, job search tactics, and behavior-based interviewing skill development. I specialize in career transition, leadership development, and communication coaching for managers and individual contributors, supporting my clients with quality coaching and subject matter expertise  by phone and virtual coaching through video chat.

Having worked with hundreds of clients,  it’s clear to me everyone wants a bit more from life (if we could just figure out how to get it). We want to be more satisfied, have better relationships, easier conversations, and be clear about our intentions. In our coaching we look at life through the questions “What if there is nothing to be fixed? What if your life is exactly what you are committed to it being?”

Working With A Professional Coach

“How You Are Turning Out Right Now” (the way your life is right now, today) is the sum of everything you are truly committed to, consciously and unconsciously. We work together to listen for, uncover, and get clarity around what you truly care about as revealed through your actions, choices, and the results that you get.

There is never anything wrong or an action that must be taken – we just find what we find and you decide if how things are right now works best for you. If something will work better, we make a plan around doing that thing, starting when you say you’ll start and doing what you commit to do.

This approach works well for anyone looking to have a breakthrough in their life. I have used it with clients at major employers at all levels of responsibility, for individuals who are in career transition, both planned and unplanned, and for people who feel “stuck” and don’t know what to do about it.

I am 100% committed to you getting whatever it is you want to have happen.

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Individualized Leadership and Communication Coaching

We work together to identify and uncover anything that is keeping you stuck and discover new ways of being at home and at work. We look at ways of relating to others, delivering on our commitments (especially to ourselves), and being with people in a positive, productive and fulfilling way. This coaching is sometimes exploratory and sometimes includes real-life exercises and practices to try new skills in relating to people.

Career Coaching and Career Transition

Have you been impacted by all the changes that have occurred in 2020? For many, the economic downturn has triggered a career crisis. Some professionals have had the advantage of a career transition coach to help them navigate and get back in the job seeking game and discovered the rules of job seeking have changed! If you are in a tech role or want to break into tech, you could use some expert support. Our coaching team works with you, the job-seeker, in an individualized program to get all your practical and tactical questions answered. Since 2017, I’ve helped hundreds of job seekers get back to work in careers and jobs that suit them – check out some of my testimonials on LinkedIn to read what real clients have said about their results!

You’ll get a resume that recruiters and hiring managers love, mastery over LinkedIn including a profile that attracts views, job search tactics that will save you hours of time and grief, and interview coaching to ace the face-to-face. Using a Search Engine Optimized (SEO) and language focused approach can get your resume past the Applicant Tracking System robots and into the hands of a human being. You’ll get my seven point update to LinkedIn that speaks directly to professional recruiters and genuinely improves traffic to your profile, and get one-on-one interview coaching oriented to you and who you are as a person and job-seeker.

Effective Remote Management Skills

I have worked with dozens of managers leading teams from remote locations. Dropping by a team member’s desk to talk things over or see what they are working on is not possible when you are managing by Slack, email, video, and conference call. We address the communication and leadership challenges that come with being in the remote manager role. It’s possible to be an effective remote manager by developing useful mindsets and having a clear point of view that starts with you and carries through to your team.

Personal Coaching For Individuals

We work together to unlock success everywhere – professionally and personally, in your life, career, relationships, and beyond with confidence and ease by distinguishing the beliefs that might be limiting you in life and transforming them through new understandings.

Contract Coaching

As a contracted coach I work with companies on coaching teams. We team up with clients to create higher job satisfaction, improve overall performance, and on getting the most out of workplace communication with managers, peers, and reports. I have worked on teams serving major tech companies and major corporations including Google, Amazon, Twitch. Meta/Facebook, Cisco/AppDynamics, SweetLabs, MARS, AmEx, VISA, Lyft, Splunk, Edwards Lifesciences, and the U.S. Government. Additionally, I provide coaching to tech accelerator startup founders and their teams nationwide.

Interviews about Job Seeking

I have been interviewed or quoted about job search in Korn-Ferry Advance, The Seattle Times, and The Muse.


Timothy Thomas Executive Coach Seattle SF

Timothy Thomas, Executive Coach

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“Tim made a profound impact on my career. His experience, professionalism, coaching, and guidance are top tier, but what sets Tim apart is the fact that he truly cares. He took time to understand my needs/dreams, then fiercely advocated for them – even when it was not the easy thing to do throughout the process. For that I am forever grateful. I can say without hesitation that Tim’s program was the best investment I ever made in myself. Not only did I land my dream job, I learned a lot, and gained a friend. I heartily endorse his services” – Pat S, Senior Product Manager


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