One-on-One Coaching

A good coach recognizes the changes you wish to make and is the support and sounding board you need to get there.

Protect the integrity of your loving relationships – partners and friends can be valuable for gathering opinions about what to do, but when you want to find your own best self and follow your inner voice it’s time for a coach. You want someone who is trained to listen, ask you big questions, and give you time and space to hear your own answers.

In One on One coaching we meet regularly – every one to two weeks – to meet and create a coaching conversation. Often we have a theme we are working on over a series of sessions and we work progressively to create a framework where you can move toward outcomes that are of interest and importance to you.

How Coaching Works

A coach helps to recognize recurring patterns, start thinking about alternatives, and encourage you to accept small changes in your life that you can build on to create a transformation. Unlike therapy, which can help to understand how you got to where you are, coaching starts at the present moment and helps you to understand how to build your own future.

You can read more about my thoughts on the art of coaching in my blog.

No Obligation “Get To Know You” Call

If you are curious about one-on-one coaching and how it could be the key to making important changes, let’s have a free, no obligation 20-minute coaching session. It would be my pleasure to get to know you and learn about the areas in your life where coaching could be the boost you want to start transforming your life.

“As an independent business owner and solo-prenuer my daily routines and internal narratives make all the difference in how productive and successful I am. Whether the challenges you are facing are personal or professional, Tim has the tool box to help you kickstart growth and positive change. You should give him a call.” – Siolo Thompson, Artist and Creative Entrepreneur