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coaching-topicsWhat will we work on? The choice is yours.

Coaching is one way to find perspective and to grow the quality of your life. A good coach appreciates where you have been, where you are now, and where you’d like you go.

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Get Productive!

Avoiding things you don’t like? Remove the shackles of procrastination and create productivity and ease in your life. Discover the relationship between courage and action. Develop actual accountability and start making the progress you really want.

Executive and Professional Coaching

Seeking changes in your professional life? All types of professionals can get more from their lives with coaching; From entry level programmers to C-level executives as well as entrepreneurs, corporate employees, and managers. Make the most of your relationships with staff & employees and grow your management skills in the board room and the office.

Emotional & Social Intelligence In The Workplace

Struggling with social anxieties or struggling to maintain a healthy relationship with friends or co-workers? Develop the skills you need to improve your emotional connections with others and have more comfort in your interactions. Learn the secrets of Next-Level Listening to create amazing changes in your communication with everyone in your life.

Public Speaking

Scared to speak in front of groups? Many people feel challenged or intimidated by public speaking. With a little coaching you can be in the front of any room showing your leadership skills and sharing your message.

Positivity & Personal Growth Coaching

Is negativity or sarcasm a problem? Coaching can help to change the way you think and to welcome happiness and comfort with changes in life. If you feel skeptical or cynical then learning to create and live with positive thoughts could be the change you are looking for. Be better liked and better understood through welcome changes in your thoughts, actions, and relationships.

Career Coaching

Want to become promotion ready or recruiter ready? Coaching can be the key to navigating job or career change. Discover your hidden negotiation skills, career planning, and much more. Gain insights that you’ll take to your resume, cover letters, and LinkedIn profile.

LGBTQ Aware Coaching

Receive coaching in an accepting and understanding environment for all people, all genders, and all consensual expressions of sexuality.

“Tim is a strong coach. Whether by phone or in person, Tim asks insightful questions, which allow you drill down into the tricky issues, pull them apart to see them from several new angles, and figure out the next steps that are the right fit for you.
Tim is really good at paying attention not just to what you say, but how you say it, to help uncover hidden assumptions about a challenge that you’re facing, which then allows you to take a different approach. He does all of this with a great sense of humor. I always leave coaching sessions with a renewed sense of what’s possible.” – Angela Knox, VP of Engineering, Cloudmark