I believe in person-centric, client-led coaching around what it means to be a human being and how to see life in a way that works usefully. There are many books, mental models, and schools of thought about “how we are” as human beings.  Sometimes, I have gleaned something from a book that can be a contribution to our conversation.  These are just a few of the books I have read over the years that are helpful in considering the right questions to ask a client to help them break through to a new possibility.

I am committed to helping my clients discover more choice and new paths toward what they want to have happen in their lives. And to be clear, I do not perform any type of hypnosis in my coaching practice (though I have read a lot on the topic).  I’ve discovered these books to have many insights into the way our minds work and excellent ideas about how to become more present and to have more ownership over what we do and when we do it. Very helpful when we feel “stuck” in a way of thinking, feeling, or acting.

Title Author Category
An Actor Prepares Stanislavski, Constantin Acting
You Say More Than You Think Driver, Janine Body Language
What Every Body Is Saying Navarro, Dave Body Language
Now What? 90 Days To A New Life Direction Fortgand, Laura Bergman Career Transition
The Method and the Magic: Making Transformational Change Happen Axelrod, Laurie / McDonald, Beth Coaching
The Secret Language of Feelings Banyan, Cal Coaching
The Essential Coaching Leader Burgin, Patricia, M.A. Coaching
Coaching for Breakthrough Success Canfield, Jack Coaching
Coaching Conversations for Transformational Change Hall, Michael L, Ph. D. Coaching
Coaching Questions – A Coach’s Guide to Powerful Asking Skills Stoltzfus, Tony Coaching
I Is An Other: The Secret Life of Metaphor Geary, James Cognitive Theory
The Power of Moments Heath, Chip / Heath, Dan Cognitive Theory
Psychological Subtleties Banachek Cold Reading
Conversational Intelligence Glaser, Judith E. Communication
The Rules Are No Game: The Strategy of Communication Wilden, Anthony Communication
The Skilled Helper: A Model for Systematic Helping and Interpersonal Relating Egan, Gerald Counseling
Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds Sullivan, Wendy / Rees, Judy Counseling
How To Be A Help Instead of a Nuisance Wegela, Karen Kissel Counseling
Constructive Wallowing Gilberton, Tina Emotional Intelligence
E-Myth Mastery Gerber, Michael Entrepreneurship
Steps To An Ecology of Mind Bateson, Gregory Epistimology
Ericksonian Approaches Battino, Rubin Ericksonian Hypnosis
Healing In Hypnosis Erickson, Milton Ericksonian Hypnosis
February Man Erickson, Milton Ericksonian Hypnosis
Hypnotic Realities Erickson, Milton Ericksonian Hypnosis
Phoenix Gordon, David Ericksonian Hypnosis
My Voice Will Go With You Rosen, Sydney Ericksonian Hypnosis
Say It Straight: From Compulsion to Choices Satir, Virginia Family Systems
Peoplemaking Satir, Virginia Family Systems
Finding Flow Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly Flow
You Can Find Inner Peace: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life George, Mike` Human Decision Making
Switch: How To Change Things When Change Is Hard Heath, Chip / Heath, Dan Human Decision Making
est: 60 Hours That Transform Your Life Bry, Adelaide Human Potential
How Will You Measure Your Life? Christensen, Clayton Human Potential
Actualizations: You Don’t Have To Rehearse To Be Yourself Emery, Stewart Human Potential
The Owner’s Manual For Your Life Emory, Stewart Human Potential
est: Playing The Game The New Way Frederick, Carl Human Potential
The Obstacle Is The Way Holliday, Ryan Human Potential
The Desire Map: A Guide To Creating Goals With Soul Laporte, Danielle Human Potential
Programming and Meta-Programming In the Human BioComputer Lilly, Dr, John C Human Potential
The Book of est Rhinehart, Luke Human Potential
The Game of Life and How To Play It Shinn, Florence Scovel Human Potential
Prometheus Rising Wilson, Robert Anton Human Potential
Quantum Psychology Wilson, Robert Anton Human Potential
Modern Hypnosis: Theory & Practice Ansari, Masud Hypnosis
Hypnosis for the Seriously Curious Bowers, Kenneth Hypnosis
Hypnotism Handbook Cook, C.E. Hypnosis
Hypnosport Cunningham, Les Hypnosis
Hypnotherapy Ellman, Dave Hypnosis
Experience of Hypnosis Hilgard, Ernest Hypnosis
Methods and Use of Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis Hollander, Bernard Hypnosis
Making Friends With Your Unconscious Mind Hudson, Patricia Hypnosis
Creative Scripts for Hypnotherapy Hunter, Marlene Hypnosis
Professional Hypnotism Manual Kappas, John Hypnosis
Self-Hypnostism LeCron, Leslie Hypnosis
The Complete Guide to Hypnosis LeCron, Leslie Hypnosis
Hypnosis: Fact and Fiction Marcuse, F.L. Hypnosis
The Power of Your Subconscious Mind Murphy, Dr. Joseph Hypnosis
A Practical Guide to Self-Hypnosis Powers, Melvin Hypnosis
The Psychobiology of Mind-body Healing Rossi, Ernest Hypnosis
Impro for Storytellers Johnstone, Keith Improvisational Theater
Strengths-Based Leadership Rath, Tom Leadership
Change Your Brain, Change Your Life Amen, Daniel G. M.D. Mind-Body Unity
You Can Heal Your Life Hay, Louise Mind-Body Unity
Mind-Body Communication In Hypnosis Rossi, Ernest Mind-Body Unity
Mind-Body Therapy: Methods of Ideodynamic Healing Rossi, Ernest Mind-Body Unity
The Divided Mind: The Epidemic of Mindbody Disorders Sarno, John, E M.D. Mind-Body Unity
Search Inside Yourself Tan, Chade-Meng Mindfulness
Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions Ariely, Dan Neuroscience
Origin of Consciousness in the breakdown of the bicameral mind Jaynes, Julian Neuroscience
Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things Lakoff, George Neuroscience
Brain Rules Medina, John Neuroscience
Molecules of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine Pert, Candace B, Ph.D. Neuroscience
Switched On Robinson, John Elder Neuroscience
NeuroLogic: The Brain’s Hidden Rationale Behind Irrational Behavior Sternberg, Eliezer Neuroscience
Heart of the Mind Andreas, Connirae NLP
Change Your Mind (and Keep The Change) Andreas, Steve & Connirae NLP
The Emprint Method Bander, Leslie Cameron NLP
Patterns 1 Bandler, Richard / Grinder, John NLP
Patterns 2 (hardcover) Bandler, Richard / Grinder, John NLP
Guide to Trance-formation Bandler, Richard NLP
Using Your Brain For A Change Bandler, Richard NLP
TRANCE-formations Bandler, Richard / Grinder, John NLP
Reframing Bandler, Richard / Grinder, John NLP
Get The Life You Want Bandler, Richard NLP
Teaching Excellence Bandler, Richard NLP
Beliefs: Pathways To Health and Well-being Dilts, Robert NLP
Conversations with Richard Bandler Fitzpatrick, Owen / Richard Bandler NLP
Therapeautic Metaphors Gordon, David NLP
Time-Line Therapy and the Basis of Personality James, Tad NLP
Presenting Magically James, Tad NLP
Magic of NLP Demystified Lewis, Byron NLP
Training Trances Overdurf, John NLP
Changing With Families Satir, Virginia / Bandler, Richard  / Grinder, John NLP
Transformational NLP Williams, Cissi NLP
The NLP Coach McDermott, Ian / Jago, Wendy NLP Coaching
Leading With NLP O’Connor, Joseph NLP Leadership
Five Languages of Appreciation In The Workplace Chapman, Paul Organizational Development
Appreciative Inquiry Handbook Cooperider, David L Organizational Development
Appreciative Inquiry: A Positive Revolution in Change Cooperider, David L Organizational Development
Conscious Business: How To Build Value Through Values Kofman, Fred Organizational Development
The Five Disfunctions Of A Team Lencioni, Patrick Organizational Development
Getting Naked Lencioni, Patrick Organizational Development
Making Change Work – Practical Tools for Organizational Change Palmer, Brian Organizational Development
Appreciative Inquiry for Collaborative Solutions Stratton-Berkessel, Robyn Organizational Development
The Three Laws of Performance Zaffron, Steve / Logan, Dave` Organizational Development
Be Here Now Dass, Ram Philosophy, Eastern
Total Freedom: The Essential Krishnamurti Krishnamurti, J Philosophy, Eastern
On The Shortness Of Life Seneca Philosophy, Western
Why Some Positive Thinkers Get Powerful Results Peale, Norman Vincent Positivity
Cracking Up Bollas, Christopher Psychology
A Critique of Psycholanalytic Reason Chertok, Leon Psychology
Character Analysis Reich, Wilhelm Psychology
Conversational Magic Donaldson, Les Sales
The Illuminati Papers Wilson, Robert Anton Satire
Soft Skills: The Software Developer’s Life Manual Sommez, John Social Skills for Tech
The Social Animal Aronson, Elliot Sociology
The New Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnotism McGill, Ormond Stage Hypnosis
Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnotism McGill, Ormond Stage Hypnosis
Book of Balance and Harmony Cleary, Michael Tao
Agile Talent Younger, John Tech Careers
A Brief Guide to Brief Therapy Cade, Brian Therapy, Brief
True Tilt: An Uncommon Quest Boney, Pam Tilt365 Assessment
People-Watching Beier, Ernest Transactional Analysis
Games People Play Berne, Eric, M.D. Transactional Analysis
I’m OK, You’re OK Berne, Eric, M.D. Transactional Analysis
Zen Antics Cleary, Michael Zen Buddhism
Teachings of Zen Cleary, Michael Zen Buddhism
Zen Letters Cleary, Michael Zen Buddhism
Zen Essence Cleary, Michael Zen Buddhism
Zen Lessons Cleary, Michael Zen Buddhism